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BUILD your network,

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Business Networking 101 Workshop
Dates: Thursday, April 11th, 5:30pm-8:30pm

It’s a well-known fact that networking is a critical skill to build a brand or a business. The problem, is that most people have never even taken a class on networking! To top it off, we’ve been conditioned from childhood, NOT to talk to strangers! And now, we are expected to talk to strangers! And to be good at it! See a problem here?

These workshops will provide the participants with an opportunity to learn proper networking, WHILE networking! No boring lectures here! Participants engage in hands-on activities that allow them to EXPERIENCE proper networking!

Speed Networking Workshop
Upcoming Speed Networking Workshop
Dates: Friday, April 21st, from 12:30pm-4:30pm

Training will be provided at the front end of the event, providing a framework to make speed networking fun AND functional!
Additional bonus training will be provided after the speed-networking rounds to provide a system to maintain contacts, build relationships, and maximize results from the event!

Limited to no more than 20 participants ensuring the ability to meet all attendees within the time-frame!
Only one person per category which means no time lost on speaking with a competitor!
Leave the event energized, trained, and connected with an instant referral group of business professionals!

Online Business Networking Bootcamp
COMING April 15th!

Everyone knows the importance of networking, but most people never learned HOW to properly network! Not only does this result in fear, frustration, and a loss of profitability, but even worse, poor networking can actually damage one’s personal brand! If you are ready for a transformation, this Networking Bootcamp is for you!

Corporate Packages and Team Training

Companies often send their business development personnel (salespeople) out into the marketplace to “go out and meet people.” However, without the proper networking training and mindset, this can be damaging to the employee, AND to the company brand!

Corporate training packages are tailored to fit the group, or organization’s needs to create an immediate and long-term impact! Group rates are available for both on or off-site training.

Personalized Private Coaching

Personalized private coaching is a great choice for those who are ready for a BREAKTHROUGH!  Through the coaching process, I help my clients find their Passion, their Purpose, and their Path! Once they know what fires them up, why they are here, and where they want to go, the steps to transform their lives can begin!

My clients gain a whole new set of practical skills, resulting in increased confidence, activity, and results through strategizing their branding, learning to build real relationships and provide value in their communities. Over time, proper application of their new skill sets will allow them to become a complete networker, a professional connector, and a powerful influencer through service!

Keynote Presentations

My keynotes are custom-tailored to immediately grab the attention of your group, and keep them actively engaged throughout the presentation. There’s nothing worse than a boring speaker to take the life out of the room. Let me infuse your event with energy, delivered through fun, relevant, and impactful content!